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Advanced MOCVD technology through high-precision control

Bernex™ MOCVD-Evaporator

Sublimation of Solid Metalorganic Precursors

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes draw their products from precursors that are dosed into the reactor chamber in the gas phase. Traditionally, gaseous or evaporated liquid precursors are used for the deposition of thin films, including hard and wear resistant coatings.

The availability of additional elements drawn from solid metalorganic precursors substantially extends the range of coating compositions, but requires the direct sublimation of the material before it can be dosed into the process.

The Bernex™ MOCVD-Evaporator is a self-contained module designed for the sublimation and transportation of solid metalorganic precursors into the coating process chamber. It allows for high-precision process regulation by means of direct control over feed quantities and transferred vapor volumes.

Versatile and flexible

The vapors generated by the Bernex™ MOCVD-Evaporator can be used for the synthesis of CVD thin films composed of numerous functional materials:

  • Pure metals
  • Nitrides and Carbo-Nitrides
  • Oxides

for the use as

  • Hard and wear resistant coatings
  • Low friction coatings
  • Barrier layers

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