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Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Coating Systems

Bernex™ BPXpro 530

The Bernex™ BPXpro series CVD coating systems are part of the broad coating equipment spectrum offered by Ionbond. These low pressure thermal CVD coating systems are robust industrial coaters, built under the highest quality standards.

The systems have proven to work very successfully world-wide in such industrial environments as large and small cutting tools manufacturers, job coaters and development departments. The coaters are designed with user-friendliness in mind and offer high productivity paired with modest cost of ownership. Highly reproducible coating processes, offered with the coaters, are capable of delivering a wide range of advanced coating solutions suitable for diverse applications in cutting and forming industries. The modular concept of the machine allows for easy up-grades and helps to protect the investment.

The  Bernex™ BPXpro CVD coaters are offered for turn-key operation. They feature an advanced control system, self diagnostic capabilities and fully automatic process control. The coaters can be delivered with the most advanced process know-how and recipes to allow producing quality coatings on cemented carbides, steels and other suitable substrates.

Philippe Ricklin

Sales Manager Equipment
Phone: +41 62 287 85 81

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