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Advanced Vacuum Aluminizing for the Turbine Industry

Bernex Aluvap 440BL

Bernex™ ALUVAP CVA coating systems are designed to produce diffusion coatings for protection against hot corrosion and high-temperature oxidation. CVA (Chemical Vapour Aluminizing) is a variant of CVD technology, where aluminum is used to diffuse into the substrate to form intermetallic compounds, e.g. nickel aluminides. The coatings can be also doped with such performance enhancing elements such as Cr, Si, Hf, Zr etc. Most of the applications of CVA technology are aimed at production of so-called bond coats on the parts of the hot section of gas turbines and jet engines. This technology offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional methods to produce bond coats. In addition, CVA is one of the very few ways to deposit the coating onto the inner surfaces of the airfoils.

Bernex™ ALUVAP CVA coating systems are manufactured for reliable commercial use. The systems are equipped with advanced features to provide for safe operation in the industrial environment. Over the years Ionbond have delivered Aluvap coaters to a number of leading companies, where they are used for production of aluminide coatings on components of turbine engines. Ionbond offers specific knowledge of CVA processing and equipment and works with the customers to tune the deposition process to their specifications.

CVA equipment is designed to be modular in order to satisfy specific user demands. The following modules are available for the new equipment or as a retrofit item for the existing coaters:

  • Second retort for increased productivity
  • Additional gas line for coating internal channels
  • Silicon doping source
  • Internal generators for high activity aluminizing
  • Chromium chloride generator module
  • Specialized fixtures for particular applications
  • Exhaust neutralization module
  • Gas purification devices
  • High temperature chloride generators for chlorination of such metals as Hf, Y, Zr

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