The Surface Engineers

Ionbond provides thin-film coating services and equipment and operates 40 coating centers in 18 countries. Its coatings are used to improve durability, quality, functionality, efficiency and aesthetics of tools and components. Ionbond is part of the business unit of the IHI Group as well as IHI VTN for Heat treatment, Hauzer Techno Coating for PVD and PACVD Equipment and IHI Machinery and Furnace Company for Heat Treatment equipment.

Our portfolio includes PVD, PACVD, CVD, CVA and CVI technologies. Please contact us for further information. We look forward to serving you.

Ionbond at Paris Air Show 2017
Ionbond will demonstrate its superior coating solutions for critical components in aero engines, air frames and landing gear, including Airbus certified DLC and metal nitride coatings as well as chrome and...

Low Pressure CVD Technology for TiAlN coatings
The development of new and more efficient wear resistant coating is motivated by increasing demands on cutting tools which result from the increase of high-speed ...